Science of Laws (SOL) Tasks

The following are tasks for the Science of Laws project. They are ranked by priority.

This page will be updated as appropriate.

Task number





Analyze the IEEE 15288 'Systems and software engineering — System life cycle processes' specification for applicability to lawmaking.

  • Which lawmaking processes fit under the 14 'clauses' in the 15288?
  • In which order must they be performed?
  • Are they a good fit, or forced? Rate the applicability of each.
  • Drill down.
  • Validate
  • Write paper

In progress, here


Cost model for laws

  • Estimate the cost of a law. Quantitative analysis is necessary. Cost-benefits. Model can start simple, then increase in resolution.

In process


Analyze the INCOSE SE V  diagram for applicability to lawmaking.


Started, here


Create checklist for lawmakers

  • Which steps are necessary?
  • If what order should they be done?
  • What evidence should be retained?
  • Validate
  • Write paper
  • Important: must tie back to requirements, like SE V or 15288.

Started, here


Recreate existing law using process defined in task 1 or 3.

  • The NC seatbelt law is an excellent candidate.



Research and prepare to form INCOSE Working Group.

  • We would like to form the WG in the Fall 2021.



Legal database.

  • Create one-stop webpage/database for legal documents.
  • Currently investigating Google Scholar.

In process. John Wood and Gary Saner are leads.


Reply to call for papers for WSRC 2021 in September.
(For SE process on laws only.)

  • Write proposal for presentation on SE process using 15288.
  • Create presentation.
  • Brief at conference.