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The Problem: The Failure of Our Government

The Problem


The laws of government may be counted among the most important works of humankind. However, in contrast with the successes of other useful products such as computers, antibiotics and cell phones, laws have mostly failed in their purpose, which is to solve societal problems.

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The Solution: The Improvement of The Human Condition

The Solution


Science is the principal agent of improvement of the human condition. Significant gains in medical care, transportation, information technology, and agriculture, for example, have all been made possible through the derivation and prudent application of scientific knowledge.

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The Science of Laws Search Engine

The Science of Laws Search Engine provides access to the international scientific literature of laws of government and lawmaking processes. With reliable (scientific) knowledge of laws and lawmaking, governments will be able to create and maintain an effective, just, and cost-efficient rule of law that accomplishes the purpose of government.


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