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The objective of democratic governments is to secure the rights and liberty of the people as a whole – the citizenry – under the rule of law. The problem with the rule of law is that it is wholly dependent upon the quality of laws. That is, if the laws of a government are mediocre or ineffective, i.e., of low quality, then the government that enforces those laws will also be, perforce, mediocre or ineffective. To meet their obligations to the people and to reflect their ideals and noblest aspirations, therefore, democracies must create laws of the highest possible quality. For this reason it is important to develop and apply quality standards to the design, evaluation, and improvement (amendment) of laws. To protect the safety and well being of the public, quality standards are currently applied to a wide range of useful products in the health care, transportation, pharmaceutical, energy, and manufacturing (etc.) industries. It is now time to apply those same generic quality standards to the laws that are produced by the lawmaking industry, for the same reason.

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