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The mission of the Institute is to establish the science and engineering disciplines of laws. The Institute is a scientific organization that derives, accumulates, and promulgates reliable knowledge of laws and lawmaking; it is not affiliated with any religious or secular belief system.


The Institute is involved with the following projects:


  • Development of the science and engineering disciplines of laws
  • Development of the Scientific Society of the Science of Laws
  • Derivation and accumulation of knowledge of laws and law-design processes
  • Development of quality programs (quality design, quality assurance, and quality improvement) for laws
  • Development of ethical standards for laws and lawmaking
  • Promulgation of scientific knowledge, quality standards, and ethical standards
  • Sponsorship of annual scientific conferences of the science of laws
  • Development of college curricula for the science and engineering disciplines of laws
  • Development of an index of references of the scientific literature of laws, lawmaking, and related methodologies
  • Development of peer reviewed scientific journals of the investigative and creative sciences of laws